Watti-Fi Router
Electric Avenue Manufacturing Inc.

Watti-Fi Router

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Reliable connectivity for smart charging infrastructure.

Ideal for areas where network connectivity or WIFI may be insecure, unreliable or unavailable, The Watti-Fi Router securely & reliably connects up to 16 Watti Pro or Watti Direct smart charging stations to our Electric Avenue Enterprise Software. 

  • Safe, reliable & fast network connection using LTE/4G cellular network
  • Operates on all North American cellular networks, automatically selecting the most reliable connection when paired with Electric Avenue's data plan
  • Easily deploy your chargers in the most desired or remote locations, regardless of existing infrastructure
  • Simple installation - requires a single Cat 5 cable for power and a SIM card for cellular connection
  • Connects up to 16 smart charging stations with 165-foot range

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