Sales Agencies

Find a local sales rep near you!

Find a local sales rep

Looking for an Electric Avenue product? We have sales agencies throughout North America who can direct you to an Electric Avenue stocking distributor near you:


Alberta: Brodwell Industrial Sales

British Columbia: Adanac Sales

Manitoba: The Titan Group

New Brunswick: Catalyst Sales and Marketing

Newfoundland and Labrador: Catalyst Sales and Marketing

Nova Scotia: Catalyst Sales and Marketing

Ontario: Roney Marketing Ltd.

Prince Edward Island: Catalyst Sales and Marketing

Quebec: Agence Ricard

Saskatchewan: The Titan Group


Alabama: Cahaba Sales Group

Connecticut: Yanow

Delaware: Biben Sales

District of Columbia: O.T. Hall and Son

Florida: Cahaba Sales Group (Panhandle) | Marvin Bochner Inc. (Rest of State)

Georgia: Cahaba Sales Group

Illinois: Schaeffer Marketing Group

Indiana: Harrison Sales Company

Louisiana: Al Levin & Associates

Kentucky: Harrison Sales Company (Harrison, Floyd, Clark counties)

Maine: Yanow

Maryland: O.T. Hall and Son

Massachusetts: Yanow

Michigan: Lesco Inc. (Upper Peninsula) | Donald J. Hickey & Associates (Rest of State)

Minnesota: Lesco Inc.

Mississippi: Al Levin & Associates (South of Hwy #8)

Missouri: Schaeffer Marketing Group

New Hampshire: Yanow

New Jersey: Bizzarro & Brindisi Electrical Sales (Northern New Jersey) | Biben Sales (Southern New Jersey)

New York: Bizzarro & Brindisi Electrical Sales (Orange/Putnam counties & south, including NYC, Long Island) | Yanow (Rest of State)

North Carolina: Electri-Products Group Inc.

North Dakota: Lesco Inc.

Pennsylvania: Biben Sales (Eastern Pennsylvania) | Sales Marketing Group (Western Pennsylvania)

Rhode Island: Yanow

South Carolina: Electri-Products Group Inc.

South Dakota: Lesco Inc.

Vermont: Yanow

Virginia: O.T. Hall and Son

West Virgina: O.T. Hall and Son (Morgan, Jefferson, Berkley counties) | Sales Marketing Group (Rest of State)

Wisconsin: Lesco Inc.


Puerto Rico: Marvin Bochner Inc.