NACS Replacement Cable Coming 2024

Hey there, EV enthusiasts, we've got more exciting news to share here at Electric Avenue! We're all about staying nimble and keeping up with the ever-changing landscape of our industry. That's why we're thrilled to announce that by the end of 2024, we'll be rolling out a replacement cable for NACS (North American Charging Standard).  

Now, you might be wondering why this matters.

Well, let's talk about the current situation. As you may know, different regions around the world have their own standards for EV charging connectors. In North America, we've been using the CCS1 connector, while Europe has embraced CCS2, China has gone with GBT, and Japan has their trusty CHAdeMO. It's a bit of a mixed bag, isn't it?

But here's the thing – the industry is always evolving, and we want to keep up. We believe in following market trends and catering to the preferences of our customers. And guess what? Tesla recently made a game-changing move by opening up its NACS standard to the public, removing licensing fees. That got us pretty excited.

So, here's our plan:

We're going to integrate the NACS connector as an optional port for all our Level 2 (L2) and DC Fast Charging (DCFC) chargers. By doing this, we aim to offer greater flexibility and compatibility to our customers, allowing them to conveniently charge their EVs using the latest industry-standard connectors.

"We firmly believe that Tesla's NACS connector has the potential to become the new standard for North America," our co-founder, Mark MacDonald said. "By adopting the NACS connector as an optional port, we aim to offer greater flexibility and compatibility to our customers, ensuring they can conveniently charge their EVs using the latest industry-standard connectors."

We're all about customer satisfaction, which is why we're quick to adapt to changing market dynamics. Adding the NACS connector alongside the existing CCS1 connector gives our customers more options and caters to their diverse charging needs. We want to make sure everyone can charge their EVs hassle-free.

So, when can you expect this integration?

Well, by the end of 2024, you'll find the NACS replacement cable as part of our product lineup. This move aligns perfectly with our vision of delivering EV charging solutions that empower customers with seamless and efficient charging experiences.

At Electric Avenue, we're committed to staying ahead of the game and providing advanced solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers. We recently announced that our level 2 (L2) EV chargers will offer kWh billing. Introducing the NACS replacement cable for CCS1 connectors will further solidify our position as a leader in the North American market.

We can't wait to power up your EV journey!