Introducing The Watti Pro Lite: The First Modular & Customizable EV Charger

 Introducing the Watti Pro Lite for MURBs, Fleets & Work

  • Hardware Adjustable Output Power: 16A - 48A
  • Optional Cable Lengths: 5.5m (18ft) or 7.6m (25ft) 
  • Network Connectivity: WiFi or LAN 
  • Status Indicator: LED Indicator Lights
  • Optional Colours: White or Black finish
  • User Access Control: QR Code, NFC or RFID (includes 2 RFID cards)
  • OCPP 1.6
  • Download the Spec Sheet 

We couldn't be more proud to introduce the Watti Pro Lite, a groundbreaking 48A commercial electric vehicle charger designed specifically for multi-unit residential buildings, fleet operations, and workplaces.

This cutting-edge charger redefines the charging experience with the first-ever modular and customizable electric vehicle charger on the market, setting new standards in the industry. With the Watti Pro Lite, you get the features you need without unnecessary costs, ensuring the lowest capital expenditure for your commercial charging solution.

It's not just a charger; it's a tailored charging solution for your unique needs.

So what makes the Watti Pro Lite so special? Let's dive in!Watti Pro Lite Standard Features

The Watti Pro Lite leads in standard features, enabling charge point operators to offer an easy-to-install and straight forward charging experience for EV drivers. Factory Commissioned for a Faster and Easier InstallationUnlike other available commercial Level 2 chargers, the Watti Pro Lite comes pre-programmed and factory-commissioned, significantly reducing installation time and complexity for installers. Installers won’t need to deal with complicated back-end web tools or time-consuming installations. Simply download the all-new and easy-to-use Electric Avenue Install app (Available for iOS and Android) and connect the charger to a wireless network.No Software Needed for Plug and Play AccessThe Watti Pro Lite leads the competition in offline features. While most commercial chargers require a software subscription, the Watti Pro Lite offers plug-and-play configuration straight out of the box, and up to 100 RFIDs can be programmed directly at the charger for secure user access and control.  

*While the Watti Pro Lite doesn’t require any software for plug and charge with RFID user access control, Operators can enjoy a complimentary three-month trial of Electric Avenue's Enterprise Software, unlocking additional features such as dynamic load management, remote firmware updates, and comprehensive energy usage reports and carbon credit tracking. Collect trade or sell carbon credits under the CATS systemIn addition, charge point operators (CPOs) can take advantage of the added benefit of collecting carbon credits under the Government of Canada’s Greenhouse Gas Offset Credit and Tracking System (CATS).  Operators can earn carbon credits for the energy consumed by electric vehicles using the station. These earned credits can then be used to offset carbon emissions created by the company, helping businesses get to Net Zero faster, or they can be traded on the open market. And that can mean a whole new supplemental revenue stream for operators.

Custom optional features available

Create a tailored charging solution with any of the following special order optional features:Lockable universal J1772 to NACS or NACS to J1772 Adapters

The Watti Pro Lite is the first commercial charger in North America to feature a universal, lockable J1772/NACS adapter. NACS compatibility reaches 91% of vehicles on the market, aligning with the market's shift to establish NACS as the North American standard by 2025, meaning operators won’t have to upgrade their chargers to the new standard.Data Saving 4G HotSpot Mode

4G Hotspot ModeThe 4G hotspot mode is a connectivity game-changer, saving operators from having to purchase expensive data plans for each charger they wish to connect. One Watti Pro Lite with 4G Hotspot Mode can connect up to 16 chargers to its hotspot, eliminating the need for multiple data plans and ensuring high-security standards without additional infrastructure upgrades.No app required with the optional payment terminal

Integrated Nayax Payment Terminal shown on a Watti Pro Lite EV ChargerThrough seamless integration with Nayax payment terminals, operators can elevate the customer experience by offering a sophisticated and adaptable payment solution equipped with a built-in payment collector. This certified integration guarantees a smooth process that accepts all major forms of payment, including Visa, MasterCard, Google Pay and Apple Pay, enabling operators to expand the accessibility of their charging infrastructure to the public. This not only contributes to an enhanced return on investment (ROI) but also alleviates the necessity for customers to install an additional app on their mobile devices, simplifying the user experience and fostering more widespread accessibility.No network required with bluetooth payment processing through HeyChargeDoes your underground parking garage have network connectivity issues? This is the solution for you. The first commercial charger in North America that’s HeyCharge enabled, eliminating the need for network connectivity altogether! All user access control and payment processing are handled through Bluetooth via a cellular device, offering a streamlined and secure charging process without the need for a network connection to the charger.   

HeyCharge uses Bluetooth via a Cell Network Connection to send payment and charge data to the cloud

Is the Watti Pro Lite right for you?

The Watti Pro Lite is ideal for anywhere you have a number of EV drivers who will be using the same chargers on a regular basis, like at multi-unit residential buildings, for fleet operators or to offer your employees charging at work.

 Watti Pro Lite for Fleet Charging

The Watti Pro Lite was designed with fleet operations in mind. Fleet operators looking for a cost-effective charging solution for their company vehicles will benefit from the convenience of controlled access via RFID, which provides both security and ease of use without the need for a software subscription. Up to 100 RFIDs can be programmed directly at the charging station. 

When paired with Enterprise Fleet @ Home Software (free for 3 months), operators gain access to a suite of advanced features, including detailed reimbursement reports for at-home charging, essentially replacing the typical company gas card. Employees can enjoy the convenience of overnight charging while the employer has direct insights into the kWs used to charge the vehicle at the employee home and can easily reimburse the employee for the cost of power used, a cost sharing method or any other agreement the company chooses. 

Watti Pro Lite goes beyond mere charging, providing a comprehensive and efficient solution for fleet management needs.

Watti Pro Lite for Multi Unit Residential Charging at condos or apartment buildings

Property Developers and Managers can enjoy seamless and secure charging designed with compatibility for most existing building access cards or FOBs. Compatible existing tenant access cards or FOBs can be quickly programmed at the charger to provide tenants with hassle-free integration into your building's established security infrastructure.

Additionally, when paired software, the charger incorporates dynamic load balancing capabilities, enabling the operation of multiple chargers on the same circuit without the need for expensive electrical infrastructure upgrades. The software monitors building electrical capacity and vehicle demand, adjusting power according to available loads, and ensuring readiness for 100% EV adoption without the need for building electrical service upgrades now, or in the future.


Watti Pro Lite for Charging at Work

Employers can take advantage of the faster and easier installation of the Watti Pro Lite, providing potential cost savings during the installation, and employees can enjoy an uncomplicated charging experience where they want it most – at their place of work.

With the quick tap of an RFID, easily programmed directly at the charger, employers can securely control charging access, and, when paired with Electric Avenue’s Enterprise Software, they can set different charging schedules and availability throughout different times of day (ie. Employee only charging during the day, public pay-to-charge in the evening and overnight hours).

Additionally, including the optional 4G Hotspot mode offers employers cost-efficiency by allowing one Watti Pro Lite to connect up to 16 chargers, eliminating the need for multiple costly data plans. This not only reduces operational expenses but also ensures high-security standards without additional infrastructure upgrades.


Electric Avenue invites fleet operators, multi-unit residential communities and employers to experience the Watti Pro Lite's transformative capabilities. Take charge of the future with Electric Avenue – pioneering the way forward in EV charging.


Download the Watti Pro Lite Spec Sheet


Want to learn more? Get in touch with one of our EV Charging Experts to find out if the Watti Pro Lite is right for you!