How SaskPower Overcame the Cold to Electrify Their Fleet

SaskPower office with sign. Client profile: SaskPower, Utility, Installed one 120kW DCFC to solve fleet charging needs


SaskPower, a leading electric utility in Saskatchewan, faced the challenge of converting its fleet to electric vehicles (EVs), including Ford F150 Lighting trucks, and Transit Vans. In their quest to find reliable EV charging solutions, SaskPower selected Electric Avenue as their preferred supplier. Electric Avenue's comprehensive information, positive vendor interactions, and successful test piloting ultimately led to a highly satisfying experience for SaskPower.


SaskPower sought to transition its fleet to fully electric vehicles, requiring a robust charging infrastructure to support the new vehicles and their large batteries. They needed an EV charging equipment supplier that could provide reliable solutions, withstand extreme temperatures, and offer monitoring and information collection capabilities. 


Through consultation with Electric Avenue, SaskPower opted to purchase a Watti Direct 120kW DC Fast Charger and pair it with Electric Avenue’s Enterprise+ Software to take advantage of its robust monitoring and reporting features. The Watti Direct 120kW DCFC is capable of withstanding temperatures to -30°C (-22°F), ensuring SaskPower will be able to keep their fleet going even through Saskatchewan's cold winters.  


The ease of use and reliable performance of the 120kW charging equipment, even in the extreme winter temperatures of Saskatchewan, greatly benefited SaskPower's fleet operations. SaskPower's internal clients, particularly their Fleet Services, appreciated the options for monitoring and information collection provided by Electric Avenue's Enterprise+ software. This feature enhanced their ability to efficiently manage the fleet and gather relevant data.

"Electric Avenue made our fleet conversion to electric vehicles effortless. The installation was easy, no electrical upgrade needed. Their support was exceptional, and their chargers performed reliably even in extreme weather. Highly satisfied and wholeheartedly recommend Electric Avenue for EV charging solutions."
Juan Garzon, Facilities Manager, SaskPower

The powerful 120kW DCFCs are capable of charging a Ford F150 Lighting from 15% to 80% in under an hour on a nice day, and in approximately an hour and a half on a typical cold Saskatchewan winter day.  


SaskPower successfully and confidently addressed their fleet conversion challenge by collaborating with Electric Avenue to install their EV charging equipment. The performance and ease-of-use of Electric Avenue's Watti Direct 120kW charging equipment, even in extreme temperatures, provided tangible benefits to SaskPower's fleet operations. SaskPower's Fleet Services team has been able to monitor, manage and gain valuable insights using Electric Avenue's open-source Enterprise+ software. The software alerts the team to any faults with the charger, which can often be quickly rectified using over the air updates, eliminating the need to send a technician to the site and significantly reducing downtime on their charger.

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