watti PRO

Charging Solutions for Multi-Unit Residential
and Commercial Use.

Watti PRO 48A

Energy Star Certified Level 2 chargers, perfect for work, business and multi-unit residential.

According to energy.gov, more than 80% of EV charging is done at home, so ensuring your residents have ample charging stations available is key to setting yourself apart and future-proofing your property as demand for EVs continues to rise. At Electric Avenue, we work with property managers and developers to ensure EV drivers have access to charging stations at their reserved parking space or within their building’s parking area.

Powerful and durable, Watti Pro Level 2 EV charging stations are suitable for all commercial charging needs, backed with a 3-year warranty

Set your max output to any amperage 8A-48A

5" LCD display with user-friendly interface

Connect via LAN, WiFi or 4G

Authenticate and start charging sessions with RFID cards, by scanning the QR code, credit card, or through the mobile app. Includes 2 RFID cards.

Dynamic load management for even power distribution across multiple chargers

UL/cUL Listed, Energy Star Certified

Optional single or dual charger pedestals available

Optimize your station's energy usage and cost, manage user groups and permissions, view real-time analytics & get monthly reporting*

*Available with an Enterprise Software subscription

benefits of

watti pro

real time analytics

View real-time station analytics and get monthy reporting through our charge management Enterprise Software.

track activity

Our Enterprise Software dashboard allows you to view your charger activity, manage your fleet data, and energy consumption.

manage multiple users

Manage charging fees and permissions for multiple user groups in our Enterprise Software.

revenue generation

Monetize your charger for an additional revenue stream.