Welcome to a New Era of Home Charging

At the heart of every innovation, there's a story of transformation, creating something new that makes everyday experiences more convenient, enjoyable and sustainable. Our mission is to transform your electric vehicle (EV) charging experience into a seamless part of your daily routine, making it as intuitive as using your favourite app. 

Introducing the Watti Home Gen2 charger, with faster charging, simple set-up, sleek design and unmatched security. We designed the home charger of our dreams.  

Watti Home Gen 2 electric vehicle (EV) charger in the forefront of an image of man plugging in his EV in front of a modern wooden house and gardens


  • Hardware Adjustable Output Power: 16A - 48A
  • Optional Cable Lengths: 5.5m (18ft) or 7.6m (25ft) 
  • Network Connectivity: WiFi
  • Status Indicator: LED Indicator Lights
  • Optional Colours: White or Black finish
  • User Access Control: Mobile App
  • OCPP 1.6 & OpenADR Certified
  • Download the Spec Sheet  

Elevate the Convenience of EV Ownership with Level 2 Home Charging

Imagine waking up every morning to a fully charged EV. The Watti Home Gen2 fully powers your vehicle in just a few hours, so you can tackle your day without the hassle and inconvenience of public charging stations. 

Cast aside that Level 1 plug that came with your vehicle! Level 2 home charging offers significantly faster charging speeds, and with the Watti Home Gen2 you can experience the freedom to charge on your schedule and enhance the resale value of your home. It’s time to drive into the future with confidence, knowing your EV is always ready when you are!

Simplicity Meets Sophistication

Thoughtfully designed with a minimalist, modern aesthetic and a compact footprint, the Watti Home Gen2  integrates into any environment, whether indoors or outdoors, on brick or drywall. Not only does the Watti Home Gen2 meet the functional needs of today's lifestyles it also aligns with a wide range of personal and architectural styles, making it a perfect fit for any setting. 

Future Proof Your Power 

Inside its sleek exterior is the future of smart home charging technology. This is the first residential EV charger on the market built for compatibility with utility demand response programs, thanks to its OCPP 1.6 and OpenADR certifications. Demand response programs work by lowering the electricity demand rather than increasing the supply, ensuring we maintain the stability of our electrical grid as we continue on our path toward electrification. Utilizing smart meters and real-time monitoring, the Watti Home Gen2 allows for the dynamic management of electrical demand, which enables you to charge your EV at the most efficient and cost-effective time, based on the grid's demand. This not only future-proofs your investment but actively contributes to a more sustainable energy system. 

This sophisticated approach assures your EV charging solution is not only prepared for today's technology, but also adaptable to future advancements and energy practices. With the shift towards greener energy solutions, being part of a demand response program can also offer financial benefits, such as rebates and reduced electricity rates, making your investment in the Watti Home Gen2 both eco-friendly and economically savvy.

Many utilities have already introduced demand response programs or pilot programs. Check with your local utility to see if a program is available to you!

Effortless Installation

Ease of installation is as important to us as ease of use, and this charger was designed for simplicity right out of the box. It features a pre-connected NEMA 14-50P plug suitable for up to 40A charging, making installation a breeze. For those seeking even more power, the package includes an optional hardwired kit that unleashes the full potential of the charger, allowing for a robust 48A charging capability. This dual option ensures that regardless of your home's current electrical setup, integrating the Watti Home Gen2 into your lifestyle is hassle-free. 

Uncompromised Security

In an era where digital security is paramount, the Watti Home Gen2 stands out. You’ll get peace of mind with the Electric Avenue app, which enables account-only activation and keeps your charging station secure and inaccessible to unauthorized users. Whether you're at home or away, you can rest assured your EV charger is safeguarded against unwelcome access, providing an added layer of security to your EV charging solution.   

The Electric Avenue App: Your EV Charging Command Center

The Electric Avenue app for iOS and Android is your new best friend designed to make your EV charging as simple as ordering your favourite coffee. Its user-friendly interface offers a personalized charging experience, simplifying your transition to a sustainable lifestyle. 

Tailored Charging Schedules: Life is busy enough, you shouldn’t need to remember to turn on your charger. Our app lets you optimize your charging times and create a custom charging schedule. 

Real-Time Insights: Stay informed with detailed reports on your energy use and charging data, helping you to optimize your charging habits. 

Instant Updates: Get notified if there is a problem with your charging session and get updates on your session status, from home or away.  

Seamless Integration: For Tesla owners, our app integrates smoothly, providing a seamless charging experience for Tesla drivers. 

Public Charging Map: Find publicly available Electric Avenue chargers when you're on the go using the integrated map.  

These enhancements to our second-generation home charger—its effortless setup, simplicity and unmatched security—not only complement its sophisticated technology and environmental benefits but also solidify its position as a leading choice for homeowners looking to transition to electric vehicles. With the Watti Home Gen2, you're investing in a future where convenience, efficiency, and security go hand in hand. 

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