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With more than 20 years in the electrical industry focused on sustainable products and infrastructure, the founders of Electric Avenue have always been motivated by sustainability, renewable energy and the shift to electrification.

To say we were excited about electric vehicles is an understatement. But we quickly realized how cost, range anxiety and a lack of charging infrastructure become barriers to widespread electric vehicle adoption. At the same time, Canada’s transportation sector was reported as the second largest source of our greenhouse gas emissions, accounting for 24% of our national GHG emissions in 2020. Of the 24%, half was coming from passenger vehicles, light-duty trucks and public transportation.

So, we decided to do our part.

In 2021, Electric Avenue was founded with one simple mission: to speed up electric vehicle adoption in North America by providing convenient, affordable and easy-to-use smart charging solutions for residential and commercial use. In 2022, we officially launched our Watti family of products including the Watti Home residential charger, Watti Pro commercial charger, Watti Direct DCFC solutions and a suite of charging accessories. All products are powered by our custom-designed enterprise software that provides businesses with full management of their charging stations fromstation health monitoring and flexible payment/billing options to user access and dynamic load management.

We're committed to continuously innovating and creating smarter solutions for our grid and environment. With Electric Avenue, we're not only helping people charge their vehicles, but also making the world a better place by reducing our dependency on fossil fuels.

It's time to go electric.

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