Watti Direct 30kW Wall Mount | Dual Charger | 7m Cables
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Watti Direct 30kW Wall Mount | Dual Charger | 7m Cables

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Ideal for parking garages, quick service restaurants, fleets and service stations.

30kW Wall Mount DC Fast Charger with optional charging pedestal including cable management.

Manage your charging stations, user groups and charging fees with our charge management software. Real-time and monthly reporting on energy use and sustainability metrics are available through the software dashboard. Cash out charging revenue with direct deposit to your bank account.

7" LCD Screen with User-Friendly Interface
Networked, or Stand-Alone Operation
OCPP 1.6
CCS1 and ChAedMo
Dual Charger Guns
7m Cables
Optional pedestal with cable management
ETL Certified
2-Year Warranty

Spec Sheet | Installation Guide


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